Bristol Pilot Cutter ref: ba108

BRISTOL CHANNEL PILOT CUTTER built in1893 Rebuilt 1997 LOA:53'/ 16,5m plus bowsprit.BEAM:13'6'/4,llm. DRAUGHT-7'6'/2,28m . BUILDER:Edwin Rowles, Pill.
DISPLACEMENT:38 metric tons. CONSTRUCTION:Traditional wood hull, composite (wood glass epoxy) deck.ENGINES:Perkins 4236 diesel 72hp 1985. ACCOMMODATION:For six guests and two crew. FLAG:Canadian. COMMENT: This is probably one of the most extraordinary vessels still afloat today and to call her a yacht would be to belie her working origins as one of the most respected designs of all times - the Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. Renowned for their speed, ease of handling, sea worthiness, and ability to go out in all weathers to meet incoming sailing ships.
The restoration has been undertaken with a painstaking eye to detail. Luckily enough, the original interior and exterior was salvageable and the restoration of the interior has been carried out using most of the original furniture, panelling, cabinets et. In the saloon we have the original teak table, and all in all the accommodation is exceptionally cosy and comfortable. On deck most of the structures have been saved after careful dismounting, restoring and re-assembling. This is definitely a vessel for the enthusiast who appreciates the historic importance of such a restoration and also will enjoy the undoubted sailing characteristics. It is a tribute to this design that such notable names as Tom Cunliffe and Nigel Irenswere recently involved in the design and construction of a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter copy known as the WESTERNMAN, and she is the only existing original example in such excellent condition.


PRICE:£ 350,000

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Bristol Pilot Cutter ref: ba108